• Can I download on Android + iOS?

SoCo app is available for iPhone users only at the moment, but Android users can open an account through the website (click person icon in top right hand corner). Android users can join in on photo challenges and we are hoping to launch on the PlayStore soon so that Android users can also take part in step challenges too.

  • How does the app know I have hit my targets?

The app works in two ways: 1) it connects to your step counter in your Health app; 2) you can upload videos and photos to record your 'milestones'. Your steps will be automatically credited once you add them daily; photos and videos will need to manually verified and can take a couple of hours to show up against your challenge percentage progress.

  • How does SoCo pick its partner brands?

At SoCo we believe that every individual and brand can work towards a more positive future. The brands we partner with have goals and targets that work towards a more sustainable world

  • How is SoCo run?

SoCo is owned and run by Tamryn, our Founder, it is not a subsidiary of any other company. SoCo creates revenue by offering brands the opportunity to engage with the public through the app

  • What do my points do?

Not only will you earn rewards for completing a challenge, you will also earn points that mark your progress (occasionally if you hit a points target we might give you an extra treat as well, shhh!)

  • How do I receive my rewards?

You will receive an email confirming you reward and how to collect it once the challenge has finished

  • I've still got questions, who can I talk to?

We are always happy to help answer any questions, just drop us an email to hello@soco.world and we'll get back to you!


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